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Nigel Keay - Triptych for Trumpet, Horn & Trombone (1988)

artworkThe Brass Trio for Trumpet in C, Horn in F & Trombone (Triptych) was composed in Nelson, New Zealand in 1988 and first performed at the School of Music, Victoria University of Wellington in a "Sonic Boom" concert on 15th April 1991. On that occasion it was played by Dan Williams (trumpet), Ross Harris (horn) and Marc Taddei (trombone). Programme PDF.   Review PDF. The score (all movements) was revised in March/April 2020. The revisions to the first two movements were minor, but the third movements was extensively reworked in places.

Stylistically the Brass Trio contains echoes of the two works that preceded it - Diffractions and Interlude. This influence which was at times pointillistic can be heard particularly in the first movement. The thematic material of the first movement is further developped melodically in the third movement. The second movement contrasts structurally with the outer movements through being texturally and thematically more stable.

Artwork (2020) by Charmian Keay.