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Nigel Keay - Prelude for Cello and Piano (2013)

In one movement, duration: ca. 7 minutes.

Prelude for Cello & Piano - Score, 8 pages, PDF, 160Kb.
Prelude for Cello & Piano - Cello Part, 2 pages, PDF, 114Kb.

The idea of a piece for cello and piano was born mid-2013 when Kathryn Mosley contacted me about writing something for her duo with Joseph Spooner to perform in their 2014 recital. Prelude was performed in Paris on Thursday 19th June 2014, 7.30pm, by Joseph Spooner and Kathryn Mosley as part of their recital for the International Conference on Katherine Mansfield (19 - 21 June) organised by the Université de Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle in conjunction with the Katherine Mansfield Society. The recital featured works for cello and piano by NZ-born cellist and composer Arnold Trowell, Hugo Anson and the Cello Sonata (1915) of Claude Debussy.

The Prelude for Cello and Piano presents both instruments as equal partners in dialogue with each other. On several occasions lines are passed from one instrument to the other, sometimes criss-crossing to adopt the other's previous role.

Upcoming Perormances;

Past Performances;

14 October 2023, 4.30pm, Manoir de Bel-Ebat, Avon. Sébastien Hurtaud, cello and Isabelle Dutel, piano.

12 October 2023, 7.30pm, Reid Hall, 4 rue de Chevreuse, Paris 6ème. Sébastien Hurtaud, cello and Isabelle Dutel, piano. Press Release of Event PDF (FR)

13 Mar 2016 02:00 pm Tiromoana, 41 Winifred Street Okitu, Gisborne, NZ.
16 Mar 2016 07:30 pm Prince Edward Auditorium, Wanganui Collegiate School, 132 Liverpool St, Wanganui, NZ.
19 Mar 2016 07:30 pm Memorial Hall, Melmore Terrace, Cromwell, NZ.
20 Mar 2016 03:00 pm James Cumming Wing, Ardwick Street, Gore, NZ.