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Nigel Keay - Pacific Diptych for piano quintet (2019)

In two movements. Total duration; approximately 14' 30".

Pacific Diptyhch for piano quintet - full score PDF 559Kb, 23 pages
1. Tectonics 2. Maungarei

String parts (PDF);  Violin 1,  Violin 2,  Viola,  Cello.

Tectonics; recording_MIDI.mp3   Maungarei; recording_MIDI.mp3

Tectonics was composed over several weeks in the northern autumn of 2016. During this time New Zealand experienced significant seismic activity, and reflecting on the impact this must have had on the country was a strong influence on the work, hence its title. There are several thematic streams in my catalogue of works, and one is geography and migration. Tectonics is therefore linked harmonically to another work, Terrestrial Mirror, which evokes aspects of this same theme. Tectonics is a piece of constant tension through its shifting tonalities, where the subterranean movement is suggested by volatility in the harmonic progression throughout, even when this is happening at the start in a slow tempo. Tectonics is a piece where its core is turbulent and ornamentation is minimal.

Maungarei was composed in the northern autumn of 2019. The title is a reference to the volcanic peak located in the Auckland NZ volcanic field.

Pacific Diptych (2019) was given its first live performance on 2nd November 2023 by the Auckland Chamber Music Collective at the All Saints Anglican Church, Howick, Auckland.