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The Orchestre 2021 String Quartet (2006-2007)
Photo of String Quartet
photo of Daniel Rémyphoto of Iwona Janaillacphoto of Nigel Keayphoto of Dimitri Kindynis




The String Quartet which was based in Paris, France, was formed in December 2005 around the distinguished violinist Daniel Rémy.  

Daniel Rémy - first violin

Iwona Gotowecka-Janaillac - second violin

Nigel Keay - viola

  • Haydn: String Quartet in C Major Op.76 n° 3 "Emperor"
  • Mozart: String Quartet in G Major K.387
  • Schubert: Quartett-Satz in C minor D 703
  • Beethoven: String Quartet n° 6 in B-flat Major op.18/6
  • Ravel: String Quartet in F Major (1903)
  • Nigel Keay: String Quartet n° 1 (1983)
  • Nigel Keay: String Quartet n° 2 (1995)
  • Jeffrey Harrington: Adagio-tenebroso (1992)
  • Beethoven String Quartet n° 14 in C# Minor Op.131.

Listen to the Quartet playing the following works:

- Nigel Keay's String Quartet n° 2 (1995) (recorded April 2007):

First Movement: mp3 (recording of First Movement courtesy of Sennheiser, France, Neumann microphones/Tascam X-48 via a DM-3200 mixer)

First movement of Beethoven's String Quartet No.6, recorded at rue Visconti, Paris, 28 May 2007: mp3

Third movement of Beethoven's String Quartet No.6, recorded at rue Séguier, Paris, 1 May 2007: mp3