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  Nigel Keay - Vocalise for soprano, vibraphone and string trio (1978)  

Audio (mp3); Vocalise recorded by Concert FM, a network of Radio New Zealand Duration: 4'16"

Full Score PDF, 7 pages. The original manuscript was lost and this computer-set score has been transcribed from the original audio recording.

Parts currently unavailable but will be online soon....

Nigel Keay's Vocalise for soprano, vibraphone and string trio was composed in 1978 for the Tasman Ensemble, a group formed by music students at the Wellington Polytechnic. Nigel Keay participated in this group as a violinist. The Vocalise was performed by Helen Moulder (soprano), Michael Calvert (vibraphone), Nigel Keay (violin), Belinda Prentice (viola), & Bridget Robson (cello). It was recorded for the Radio New Zealand programme "Young Idea" produced by Allan Thomas.