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Nigel Keay - Miniatures for Violin and Piano (2021)

Score PDF, 15 pages 220603-score-vn-pn.pdf

Violin Part PDF, 5 pages 220604

Un écho dans le cratère (Echo in the Crater)
Chansonnette d'automne (Autumn Song)
En chemin (Bushwalk)
Le murmure de la montagne (Whispering Mountain)
Huia (The Huia)
Un soupçon de blues (Kiwi Nightlife)
Une voile dans le golfe (Sailing in the Harbour)
Across the Beat

Composed mostly in the autumn of 2021, the Miniatures pour violon et piano are somewhat in the vein of a previous short-form work from 2004, Little Tango Suite. The eight pieces of the Miniatures are composed in an economical style where melodic and rhythmic embellishment are kept to a minimum. Each of the eight pieces is an independent construction, sometimes built on a theme found in another work, as in Un écho dans le cratère, or evoking a particular ambiance or image. If the melodies are little-elaborated, the harmony is much freer, often yielding quite chromatic lines.

Événements à venir;

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photo of musiciansThe premiere of Miniatures pour violon et piano was given in: Concert de Musiques d'Aujourd'hui - Association La Vie des Sons and performed by Masha Lankovsky (violin) and Jacy Desmond (piano).
The concert also included works by Philippe Malhaire, Michaël Sebaoun, Stéphane Delplace, Olivier Kaspar, Nigel Keay, Anthony Girard, and Michel Merlet.
Sunday 5 juin 2022 - 19h30.
Studio Le Regard du Cygne, 210 rue de Belleville, 75020 Paris. Programme PDF