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Nigel Keay - Little Tango Suite for Piano
  1. Kind of Tango (Duration: 1'12")  
  2. New Year in Paris (Duration: 1'22")  
  3. Kind of Milonga (Duration: 1'41")   Little Tango Suite for Piano, Score - PDF, 5 pages, 144Kb

Three short piano pieces composed in 2003/4 for Charmian Keay & Ursula Keay. These three pieces are suitable for intermediate level or younger players. Total duration: about 4' 30".

  AUDIO; Kind of Tango mp3 New Year in Paris mp3 Kind of Milonga mp3 performed by John-Paul Muir. Recorded by Nigel Keay 7th June 2013.

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Nigel Keay's Little Tango Suite was first performed Friday 14th May 2004 at the Gallagher Concert Chamber by Okta, the specialist contemporary music ensemble of the University of Waikato Music Department, New Zealand. Performers: Kind of Tango - Tania Park (née Koo), New Year in Paris - Erina Yamamoto, Kind of Milonga - Monica Chang

This suite of short tango-inspired pieces for piano was instigated by the completion in 2003 of Kind of Tango for my daughter Ursula's birthday in September. Ursula had suggested that I write her a piece as a birthday gift. Wanting to create a series of pieces to be possible by younger players, I then wrote New Year in Paris and Kind of Milonga over the New Year 2004 period.
All three pieces are based on harmonic material drawn from my larger-scale works; Diversions for Quintet and Terrestrial Mirror for flute, viola & harp. I was fascinated with the process of extracting and refining the essential musical idea to present it in its simplest possible form. These short pieces were written in a somewhat "between times" mode with respect to the larger works.