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Online Albums & Compact Disc recordings of music by Nigel Keay

cd cover of exilsTracked from July 13-17 in 2015 this album, for whatever reasons, was released in 2021. Recorded puristically by Andrew Levine with a central ambisonic configuration and two ambient microphones in a space that is almost exclusively the home of contemporary free improvisation and experimental electronic music the unique acoustics combined with the minimalist recording technique give a very special sheen to the old and new repertoire. Experience a fresh and uncluttered sound of the string quartet with every detail of the performance preserved and a spatial resolution equal to none, especially when perusing the binaural mix.



Polymnie CD La Cuisine à l'altoLa Cuisine à l'alto, released in September 2016 by the French label Polymnie. Works by Michiru Oshima, Nigel Keay, Jean-Jacques Werner, Xavier Bouchaud, Lionel Ginoux, François Meïmoun, Daniel Jégou, Pierre Grouvel, Benoît Menut, Françoise Levéchin-Gangloff, Julien Dassié, Manuel Doutrelant, Pierre Agut, Dominique Preschez, Pascal Martines, and Nicolas Charron. Performed by François Castang (reciter), Emmanuel Christien (piano), and Sylvain Durantel (viola). To purchase the CD from Polymnie follow this link;



Continuo Records CD CréationsCréations, released in May 2016 by the Italian label Continuo Records, features new music for oboe, either as a solo instrument or with other instruments in various combinations. The works have all been recently premiered by Marika Lombardi, and this double CD includes Nigel Keay's Oboe Sonata which was premiered in February 2013 with the pianist Nathalie Dang. The other composers featured on the disc are; Francesco Antonioni, Patrizia Montanaro, Leon Gurvitch, Armando Ghidoni, Christian Dachez, Nicola Campogrande, Leo Marcus, and Salvatore Di Stefano.


CD cover"the dancer leads the procession" by Nigel Keay. Six chamber music works for various formations ranging from solo piano to quintet. Recorded in Paris from 2012 to 2015. Musicians: Jennifer Lee (piano), Thomas Hutchinson (oboe), Jean-Marc Fessard (clarinet), Charmian Keay (violin), Nigel Keay (viola), Raphaël Schwab (double bass), Guillaume Antonini (violin), Alphonse Dervieux (viola), Andrea Mundy (cello), John-Paul Muir (piano). Works; the dancer leads the procession for piano, Diversions for Quintet, Allusions for Clarinet Solo, Double Jeu for Two Violas, Piano Quartet, Little Tango Suite. Full details on the dancer CD....



cd cover"Music for Small Groups" by Nigel Keay. CD-A023 Blumlein Records, Hamburg, Germany. Five chamber music works for various formations recorded in Paris between December 2009 and March 201; Trio for Clarinet, Viola & Piano (2009) Adagietto Antique, Piano Trio "Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well, Duo for Violin & Viola Visconti Variations (2008), String Quartet N° 2 (1995), & Terrestrial Mirror for Fute, Viola & Harp (2004). Performed by; Paolo Vignaroli, Nigel Keay, Delphine Latil, Simone Roggen, Cyprien Busolini, Eugene Lee, Charmian Keay, Anastasiya Filippochkina, Jeffrey Grice, Erika Bliznik, Joe Ichinose, Gabriel Casalis & Debra Takakjian. Full details on the Music for Small Groups CD.... Review written by Paul Groh


photo of CD cover"Diversions - Autour du hautbois" Blumlein Records CD A-021. Released in September 2010. Recording of Nigel Keay's three movement work Diversions for Quintet and other works by Jonathan Besser, Edwin Carr, Geoffrey Grey & Anthony Ritchie for quintet, and also oboe and piano. Musicians playing in this CD are Marika Lombardi, Erika Bliznik, Charmian Keay, Joe Ichinose, Raphaël Schwab and Debra Takakjian. Full details on this CD here....




CD cover of SOUNZfine Volume 1The first in the Centre for New Zealand Music's series of CDs prepared especially to encourage the broadcast of New Zealand music, this compilation consists mainly of works for piano and features some of New Zealand's leading composers who write for this instrument.

Includes Nigel Keay's Interlude for piano performed by David Guerin.

Released in 1996, this CD is 'out of print' but Library Members can still borrow it from the SOUNZ Collection.



CD cover of A Violin and Piano Recital

Waiteata Collection of New Zealand Music Vol. 1 - A Violin and Piano Recital. The first release by Waiteata in this series, this recital by leading New Zealand performers Mark Menzies and Dan Poynton is now in its second pressing.

Covering a wide range of NZ repertoire for the violin it features the first commercial recording of Anthony Watson's Concert Piece and many entertaining works by more recent composers. Waiteata publishes all the scores heard on the CD, and many of these works make ideal repertoire for recitals or competitions. Includes Nigel Keay's Variations for violin and piano. Publisher Note: Waiteata Music Press. Imprint: Waiteata CD WTA001. Series Title: Waiteata Collection of New Zealand Music. Publication Year: 1999. Copyright: © Waiteata Music Press

Ode CD coverCD MANU 1478 (Ode Record Company Ltd) New Zealand Composers. Recording of Nigel Keay's Interlude played by David Guerin.