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Nigel Keay - Sextet (Introduction & Allegro) (1995)

for Flute, Clarinet/Bass Carinet, Bass Trombone, Violin, Viola & Double Bass.

This two movement work for sextet, Introduction & Allegro, was the first version of the First and Fifth Movements of the Symphony in Five Movements. It was composed in the latter half of 1995 and first performed at the Auckland City Art Gallery on 26th October 1995 by Ensemble Philharmonia of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra with Nigel Keay conducting. The players were; Jennifer Mori (flute), Andrew Uren (clarinet/bass clarinet), Tim Sutton (bass trombone), Dimitri Atanassov (violin), Wendy Gardner (viola), and John Middleton (double bass).

First Movement mp3 Introduction (Duration: 3' 40")

Second Movement mp3: Allegro (Duration: 5 minutes)