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Nigel Keay - Movement for Orchestra (1985)

Duration: 10 minutes 32 seconds. Recording made by Concert FM, a network of Radio New Zealand Radio New Zealand logo

Audio; Movement for Orchestra mp3

Instrumentation: Flutes 1 & 2, Oboe, Clarinets in A 1 & 2, Bassoon, Horns in F 1 & 2, Trumpet in C, Tenor Trombone, Harp, & Strings (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass).

Full Score, PDF, 44 pages, 691Kb

Movement for Orchestra was originally composed in Dunedin, NZ in early 1985 as a piano piece under the title of Variations for Piano. Using variation form for its structure, it opens and closes with a slow section in 4/2 creating an overall arch form. At the time I'd just returned to New Zealand after having spent a period of several months in Java, Indonesia where I'd spent considerable time listening to gamelan music particularly in the Central Java region. This work is the first of several to have been influenced by the sonorities of the gamelan.

Movement for Orchestra was given a workshop reading on 18th June 1987 by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by John Hopkins. This event at Philharmonia Hall, Mt. Eden was recorded by Radio New Zealand's Concert FM and the recording was broadcast twice. Review of the event.